TAGA FIVE was established by a stalwart Mr. Z.A.Khan and Mr. Mubeen Ahmad in the year 1992, a pioneer in the field of Glass and Handicrafts Manufacturing for the various International markets i.e. U.S, European, and UK etc. The company has one of the best and most skilled personnel in every field of its operation. The team that make up Taga Five comprises of the following personnel which lead the company to be a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and fabrication of Glass Artware as per the demand of the different international Markets keeping in mind the quality or workmanship and the needs of the customer and most of all the timely delivery of the consignment at the customers end. Our Designers can take a concept and bring a product to market using the latest technologies and vast personal experience to assure the highest quality and product integrity. We understand the need for the quick delivery of high quality product and can make this a reality for you.

International Standards and Quality Assurance

Our Worldwide Commitment to Excellence is most evident in our Quality of the Manufacturing and supply affected. Before production runs start, a sample is thoroughly inspected to ensure correct tolerances, with continued checking throughout the entire run. The same applies to all other services including Grinding, Color & Chemical Processing and Frosting. Whether your order is small, medium or large, you can count on every unit to meet your strictest specifications. Our state-of-the-art equipment and operating systems allow us to handle virtually any order from any of our Clientele.

Terms of Shipping and Forwarding

Shipping orders to specified locations and getting them there when you need them is as important as the precision manufacturing and finishing. We deliver our orders going to any destination across the globe in the specified time.

Taga Five Company Profile Taga Five Company Profile Taga Five Company Profile Taga Five Company Profile Taga Five Company Profile Taga Five Company Profile